Retaining Walls for Function and Appeal
for Lower Burrell, PA

Scheftic Construction, LLC, Constructs Retaining Walls

Retaining walls add a great element of style and functionality to a garden, yard, or landscape design. Retaining walls can separate outdoor areas and make them more functional, especially if you have a sloped yard. Adding a retaining wall to keep dirt or soil from sliding will help to hold the area together and avoid erosion.

If you are interested in a retaining wall in Lower Burrell, PA, or the surrounding areas, call Scheftic Construction, LLC, at (724) 334-3003 today. With over two decades of experience, you can count on us to get the job done right and at an affordable rate.

Benefits of Adding a Retaining Wall to Your Landscape Design

As mentioned, there are many benefits to adding a retaining wall to your landscape design. Homes and businesses alike may find that a retaining wall can help to encapsulate sloped yards or gardens, especially if they are near a home or driveway. Retaining walls can also provide additional seating and an extra surface for entertaining.

Natural Stone Retaining Wall Collections in Lower Burrell, PA

Scheftic Construction, LLC, creates beautiful natural stone retaining walls in Lower Burrell, PA, and the surrounding areas. Add the timeless look of natural stone while protecting your home or business from erosion, flooding, and more. Our employees have the proper experience and skill to lay natural stone and create the right retaining wall for your property.

Versa-Lok Stone Collections for Homes and Businesses

Scheftic Construction, LLC, offers a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors of Versa-Lok stones. Some of these include:

Standard: Standard stones are available in classic and weathered styles. These are perfect for curves, corners, stairways, walls, and more. Weathered style, as the name suggests, offers a more rustic, worn look that will look beautiful in any space. Standard blocks come in different colors, as well.

Cobble: Cobble blocks also come in weathered and classic styles. They are smaller than the standard unit and look great in gardens, garden walls, planters, and other small structures. They come in different colors to fit your style.

Accent: Also available in classic and weathered, Accent blocks are sleek and slim. They mimic the look of natural stone walls and look great in any yard or landscape design. They are available in various colors, like brick or sand. 

Mosaic: Mosaic systems combine standard and cobble blocks to create random, unique patterns. Choose between standard or weathered styles to really make the wall your own.

Country Stone: Country Stone options give a worn look with rounded corners and varying edges. They add a timeless look to any wall, pillar, or other structure. Built to last, you can count on Country Stone blocks to withstand the elements over time.

Castlerok®: Castlerok blocks are perfect for DIY projects, as they are small and lightweight. They work great with Country Stone blocks, but also add a nice element on their own. Choose from brick, gray, sand, and additional color options.

Check Out the Products Rosetta Has to Offer

Scheftic Construction LLC offers a wide range of Rosetta products to our valued clients. Some of these block types and wall systems include:

Belvedere Collection: The Belvedere Collection is perfect for garden walls, two-sided seat walls, enclosure walls, and other types. Stones in the collection come in various sizes and styles that look great for any use.

Outcropping Collection: The Outcropping Collection allows users to create beautiful structural walls. With 12 unit sizes and 24 textures, you can easily personalize the retaining wall and make it unique to your home or business. Mimicking natural stone, it is durable and long-lasting.

Step Collection: The Step Collection also gives the appearance of natural stone, but has a uniform rise for safety, making them great for stairways. Rosetta also offers a Dimensional Step collection for formal settings.

Talk with the contractors at Scheftic Construction, LLC, today to order Rosetta products. Contact us for more information on retaining walls in Lower Burrell, PA.