Rosetta® Products for Retaining
Walls and Landscape Design

Scheftic Construction, LLC Offers Rosetta Products in Lower Burrell, PA

Scheftic Construction, LLC offers Rosetta® products in Lower Burrell, PA, and the surrounding areas. Rosetta offers durable, beautiful stone options to create retaining walls, garden walls, and additional landscape design projects. Talk to our contractors today for more information or for an estimate on our services. Call today at (724) 334-3003 or contact us online. We proudly serve Lower Burrell, PA; Delmont, PA; Springdale, PA; and the surrounding areas. We also offer Versa-Lok® products.

Check Out the Products Rosetta Has to Offer

Scheftic Construction, LLC offers a wide range of Rosetta products to our valued clients. Some of these block types and wall systems include:

Belvedere Collection: The Belvedere Collection is perfect for garden walls, two-sided seat walls, enclosure walls, and other types. Stones in the collection come in various sizes and styles that look great for any use.

Outcropping Collection: The Outcropping Collection allows users to create beautiful structural walls. With 12 unit sizes and 24 textures, you can easily personalize the retaining wall and make it unique to your home or business. Mimicking natural stone, it is durable and long-lasting.

Step Collection: The Step Collection also gives the appearance of natural stone, but has a uniform rise for safety, making them great for stairways. Rosetta also offers a Dimensional Step collection for formal settings.

Talk with the contractors at Scheftic Construction, LLC today to order Rosetta products or to schedule service.